what would leslie knope do?

One time my husband and I were having a hard week.  I suppose it was one of those hormonal, emotional weeks for me and I wasn’t really believing in myself.  I had messed up at work, I felt overwhelmed, and I guess I just felt defeated.

I usually get so hard on myself for being hard on myself.  If that’s even a thing. I’m hard on myself because I want to change things about myself but sometimes I forget and I mess up and I feel disheartened.  I get really negative and think the world is out to get me and LIFE IS JUST SO DANG HARD SOMETIMES.  So Dallin gave me a pep talk that went something like this:

Whenever you want to change something about yourself, try to envision a relatable character on a TV show or something like that, and think of them. (I know, deep stuff.)

I immediately said Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.  Probably because she just loves life. I love that about her.

I came home from school the next day and Dallin had this set out on the table for me: (See I told you he was the artsy crafty one…)

leslie knope

So whenever I’m negative or I want to be someone else this is what I ask myself:  what would Leslie Knope do?

  • She loves her job and works so hard at it.
  • She loves her friends.  She would do anything for them.
  • She stand firm in her beliefs.
  • She loves waffles and so do I.
  • She’s really dramatic and it’s adorable and even though it annoys everyone, they also love her for it.
  • She is kind and girly and wonderful but also a very strong and independent woman.
  • She gets things done.  (Binders, anyone?)
  • She doesn’t let anyone tell her she can’t do something.

I want to be more happy like her and positive and optimistic.  She literally doesn’t let anyone get in her way.

leslie knopeWhat do you love about Leslie Knope? Parks and Recreation? What characters inspire you (whether they be from Parks and Rec or anything else)?

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