I am reading about the last hunter-gatherer society, the Bushmen, in Africa. In my anthropology lab, we start comparing this tribe to Provo, UT. We start looking at the cultural differences between these completely opposite places.

Provo is filled with happy people. Seriously, everyone smiles at you. We share something. There’s an unspoken bond between yourself and the person holding the door for you as you walk through the doors of the library.  And even though we all have something very huge in common, we’re completely different, because we come from all over the world.
The Bushmen are similar, but completely different. They don’t go to libraries, but they are unified. Within their tribe, they smile at each other in a completely different way. They protect each other; they give each other their antelope after catching it.
Anyways, now for the less deep stuff and onto what’s happened.
I love it here.
I am taking interesting classes. I want to be in the honors program. I miss the smaller classes, but I will get into those the longer I stay at the University.
Sometimes, I stress out that I don’t know what I want to major in.  I love learning everything.
But at the same time, I’m starting to realize there are things I love, things that I am passionate about.
I truly do love discussion.  I love sharing my ideas —  I have ideas.  
I like how religion is incorporated into lots of things.  How we pray before class. How we sing hymns under a tunnel on Sunday nights; I feel like I’m in choir again, and praising God at the same time.
I like how we study evolution at a religious university.  That science is a part of God’s plan.  There is truth in science, and wherever there is truth, there is God.
I really like the weather. I like wearing jackets.
I love my roommates.  We’re basically the best.
I’ve switched my schedule around a ton, and who knows maybe I still will.
I like my dorm room. Pictures to come.
I’m taking Calculus 112. It’s sadly really easy. But it’s good review too.  And I like solving problems, it’s like a game or a puzzle to me.
Physical Science 100 — This covers basically all the fundamentals of the sciences.  A ton of reading. But very interesting because it combines science with a gospel perspective.
Freshman Writing — Learning different ways of writing and rhetoric.
Anthropology 101 — Actually a pretty hard class.  A ton of reading and writing papers.  Definitely my favorite class so far.
Book of Mormon — Surprisingly a ton of homework in this class. It’s not going to be an easy class.  But I’m actually glad about this, I like to be challenged 🙂 And I want to learn more. I always want to learn more.
Something that I find completely hilarious — I’m on a coed intramural basketball team. We haven’t started yet but that should be fun.
I suppose this post was very random, but that’s my update 🙂 I miss home.  I miss my family and my friends. But I’m loving meeting all of these new people and making new friends.
And I keep on smiling 🙂 
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