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When asked to share 5 things that bring me joy, I wrote down a huge long list and I couldn’t narrow them down to only 5. My long list looked something like this: family, sisters, Dallin, stationary, tulips, ice cream, anything Italian, book stores, one-on-one conversations, eating out, traveling, school supplies, the Book of Mormon, church, finding new music, hiking, fall, pumpkin spiced anything, pizza, cereal, a clean kitchen, writing, reading a good book, sleeping in, and SO MUCH MORE. I am highlighting the ones that I just automatically have photos of because that’s way more fun.

1) Book stores – I literally was bored the other day and just drove over to Barnes and Noble and spent a few hours in there.  It made me happy.  It rejuvenated my soul.  I just read books and found books that I wanted to read and then wandered around some more. This is the Tattered Covered Bookstore in downtown Denver.  Easily my favorite bookstore that I’ve ever been to.


2) Eating Out – I just love going to places I’ve never been before just to try the food.  I would eat at every unique restaurant if I could.  It just costs a pretty penny.  I find so much joy in not having to cook the food or do the dishes. It’s like magic for me.  This is a bagel shack in on the coast of San Clemente California. I love bagels and this place was DELICIOUS.


3) Traveling  – I get the itch to move and see new places like every other week.  I get bored staying in one place and want to go on a road trip, or go to Europe. I have a few dreams about returning to Italy.  I love going to new cities and feeling the energy that is there. This is from our cruise to the Caribbean. Dreamy and a blast.


4) Hiking  – There is just something about being out in nature. There is something about reaching a destination and being able to look out over an entire valley.  There is a sense of accomplishment, a sense of oneness with the universe, and a sense of peace.  I love being disconnected from everything and just truly living in the moment.  I’m excited to live so close to Zion’s and to hike all of the spots I haven’t been to.


5) Family – Last but not least, I love these people.  They get me more than anyone else.  They know just how to make me laugh, make me react, and they are some of the best people to be around.

13391554_863557900420576_3086241688818381072_o img_3743

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