Little Seeds

This is Prince and Mary Jane.

We met when I was a missionary serving in Mestre, Italy – a city right outside of Venice. Sorella Gillette and I found them when we were trying to track down a member of the ward there and it turns out they were all splitting rent and sharing an apartment. They were the sweetest couple and I loved teaching them and getting to know them. Knowing them makes me want to visit the Philippines and try all of the delicious food. Prince worked at a restaurant in Venice and made the most delicious food I still dream about it to this day. They taught me so much about love and pure faith. Prince was a member of the church but Mary Jane wasn’t. I taught her with all of my different companions in Mestre for the six months that I was there, but I didn’t really hear anything after I returned home. We stayed in touch a little bit on Facebook but not a ton.

Last Wednesday I woke up to this picture that she had sent me on Facebook.

I honestly have no idea what happened. I don’t know if she sought out the missionaries, if they found her, or if she has been meeting with them this whole time and just now decided to get baptized. But as soon as I saw the picture, I wanted to burst into tears of joy.

It matters. The little things you do, the things you don’t think are making a difference, they matter.  You seriously never know what fruits will come of the little seeds you plant.

Here I am, 3 years later, and something we did really mattered. So don’t give up on the little seeds and little acts of goodness that you are doing every day. You have no idea what they could turn into.

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