Il caldo è QUI. Mamma mia.

Ciao tutti!

Summer has arrived in Italy, and it’s weird to think that a year ago today I was on a plane to Italy… and tomorrow I get to do a scambio with my MTC companion, Sorella Carlock, so I’m pretty excited. Because it is so hot I have basically given up on wearning make-up because it all sweats off, and then everyone starts asking me why I look so tired. Well, I am tired 🙂 Tired and sweaty and still happy nonetheless, speriamo!

Let me tell you un po della nostra settimana. I have done 2 scambi, one in Trieste with Sorella Reichert, and it was so much fun. Trieste is right on the border of Slovenia, and we may or may not have left mission boundaries for about 5 minutes. It wasn’t my fault the member drove us there and let us get out and take a picture… And, I had the most amazing gelato there. Seriously, so dang good. Peach gelato made from fresh peaches? Ah. I will miss that so much. But, I loved that scambio a lot, because I got to meet some amazing people who truly love the Lord. I got to do another scambio here in Mestre yesterday with Sorella Vardeu, and I learned so much from her, because she is going home in a couple of weeks and is an amazing missionary. I learned kind of the same thing from both scambi, so I think it’s something I really need to put into practice.. the power of the one, the individual.

We went to see a less-active in Trieste, and the difference in her eyes was completely apparent when we called her by name, and told her about all of her gifts and talents, and let her know how much God loved her, individually, and how much He needed her to serve His children. Tears came to her eyes, and the spirit filled the room. Yesterday, I was on scambio with Sorella Vardeu, and a man approached us on the street who told us that he knew the sisters who had lived in his apartment complex. We started talking to him, and long story short…she said – Leonardo, abbiamo bisogno di lei in chiesa. (We NEED you in church.) You could just tell he felt important and wants to meet with us again. We taught another less-active who is dealing with some major mental disorders on Sunday, and we played a duet on the piano together and her eyes just lit up. It was so beautiful. I believe in music, and I’m learning that music is one way that I truly do feel closer to God in so many ways. I miss it a little, ok, alot. Anyways.

Last night, we taught our filippini and they made us dinner. I just love them. They are people who are so willing to give us anything, their love for God and willingness to sacrifice for him is inspiring.

Oh, and yesterday I got a call from our muslim investigators who called us and said they couldn’t sleep t all after our last lesson (which was super intense and we left them with some very specific invites and it’s way too complicated to explain on paper) and so they stayed up all night reading the Book of Mormon, and they had some “beautiful experiences” which they will tell us about on Friday. I’ll let you know!

We’re working hard, teaching people on trains, and sweating our little hearts out! I know this chruch is true, that faith brings miracles, and that God is in every aspect of our lives.

Here are some random pictures.

Vi voglio un mondo di bene,
Sorella Strong





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