Happy Late Birthday Arizona!

 Happy (late) 100th Birthday Arizona! (Arizona’s birthday is February 14th.  There’s this other holiday on that day…but this one obviously overshadows it ;))
Last night, I was talking to Karina about the beauty of different states.  Karina’s from Colorado, which, from what I can tell from the pictures, is a beautiful state. Green, mountains, lakes, and plains, it’s gorgeous. I won’t disagree that Colorado is beautiful, but when Karina then said, “Sorry, Emma. But Arizona is just butt ugly.” 
I’ll be honest, when I first moved to Arizona I didn’t think it was the most beautiful place…there’s hardly any green.  There’s a lot of dirt and sagebrush.  But Arizona is my home. It’s where I’m from, and I have learned to appreciate it’s unique beauty as I’ve lived there.  I love green, hilly places and I love the fall. Winter is beautiful in other places. But Arizona has a unique beauty and culture that I have grown to love as I’ve grown up there.
First of all, watch an Arizona sunset; it is stunning.
Cactus are pretty cool too, not very many states have cacti around. 
The red rock is very pretty; many people come to Sedona for retreats and such to admire the beauty there.

Of course, the Grand Canyon, which you can see from space, it’s that amazing. (Confession: I’ve never actually been there. I better add that to my bucket list.)

Lots of people come to Arizona for winter, because winter in Arizona is heavenly. (For all my Arizona friends that think it’s “cold” there…you’re mistaken.)
Now don’t get me wrong, the sagebrush can get old, but moments like these pictures make me appreciate Arizona’s own kind of beauty.  Happy Birthday Arizona. I miss you, and I won’t see you for a long while, but you will always be home.

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