Ciao Mestre!

Buon giorno tutti! I find myself in Mestre this week with my awesome companion, Sorella Gillette. It’s way fun, and she’s 2 transfers older than me in the mission so I’m learning a lot from her. And we’re really alike, for example, we both like talking a lot and telling stories, so we get distracted…. really easily… it takes us like an hour to plan… but, we’re working on it. And we both are super chill with making decisions, so that’s nice because I don’t have to stress about about pleasing her all the time, but on the other hand we take forever to decide on something! I love it!

Mestre is awesome! It’s a completely different feel from Firenze, in a good way! It’s smaller and a lot less busy, super flat, and a lot cooler. We don’t really work in Venice, but that’s what p-days are for. There aren’t a ton of investigators here, so we’re hitting the pavement doing lots of finding, member-pass-bys, and a ton, ton, ton of less-active work. I’m loving it. There are some people that we know are on the verge of coming back, and it’s super exciting.

I’ll share a couple cool miracles from the week with you all. Friday morning we head out to take a walk with an older less-active woman who is struggling a lot. On the way, we found an old member who left the church and set up an appointment with him and his wife who isn’t a member and is interested in the church, and we found an awesome contact for the anziani who came to church on Sunday. Also, an old investigator from the sorelle came to church on Sunday, is a friend of the member, and loved it, and we have an appointment with her this week.

We’re getting a ton of potentials, and so we’re trying to turn them into new investigators.

Anyways, that’s my schpeel on the work that we’re doing here. I’m really happy to be here, to keep working really hard, and I am love being a missionary. There are some miracles coming our way, I can feel it!

This week, we visited a less-active who has some mental health problems, and it was quite a touching experience for me. She wasn’t doing very well at first, but as soon as we turned on the Testaments and Jesus came on the screen, the spirit just entered the house again. We were watching the clip where Jesus heals a boy who has an evil spirit in him, and it just hit me like a brick wall the love the Christ has for us. Here we were, just trying to serve Him and help Him, and we can’t just heal someone in the blink of an eye, (well, we can, if we have enough faith…) and I want to have faith like that. And then I think of Him, our Savior, and how no matter how much we do something wrong, He is always willing to heal us. I felt extremely humbled in front of Him that moment, and at the same time, just lifted up by His love and His strength. I wish I could have the patience to keep helping the same people who keep turning me down, like He did. He always, always, always forgives. And so should we.

I love you all! Sorry for such a long email! I know the church is true and that Jesus Christ always heals us.

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Strong


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