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I did love my old blog, but look at this one! It’s just beautiful.  I imported all of my old posts here, so don’t even worry about that.

{I have some great friends.

First of all – Brad Mills.  He designs web sites as a side job and is skilled.  It hardly took him any time to put this together, and he knows HTML code and all that jazz. Check out his website!

Chris Dean – He gave me my background photo.  It’s Italy.

Yeah, it’s beautiful.  Yeah, I’m going to be in Italy in a month.  Yeah, I’m the luckiest girl in the world. }

Grazie mille.  Siete i migliori.

Why did I change my blog?

– My own domain name.

– It’s a way to document my life, that’s why I have this blog in the first place.  2 years of college, 18 months of a mission, more college after that, and who knows what life will bring from there 🙂

– New name.  Emma Letters.

So, this is a blog of letters, of words, of sentences, of paragraphs, of run-on sentences, and actual letters.

I’ll keep blogging till my mission and then my mom will post letters from my mission here on my blog under the Category of mission letters.

So go ahead – check it out 🙂

(Can you not tell that I am in love with this blog?)

(Also, many things are still subject to change.)

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