Thankful for Roommate Picture Adventures (and a camera)

yes, I am still obsessed with leaves changing color. I think it’s romantic.

This is a giant pazooki we made. YUM. Number of calories? Too many.

Here we are at a pretty outlook over Utah Valley. Pretty sunset. And I’d say we’re all beautiful 🙂

Giant sleepover in the family room. Halfway through the night I went back to my bed. Karina and Sarah slept out there all week.


  We were lost boys from Peter Pan. I’d say well look pretty legit. I think.

These pictures say it all. I would just like to say I won. But, that’s really not that surprising 🙂 I’m pretty much 5’11”. Don’t mess with me 😉

Halloween party at Grandma’s house. Those are worms made out of jello that Aunt Holly made. Eyeball pizzas Aunt Heather made.  Delicious swamp water was also there, and graveyard cupcakes. Yum.

And yes, these are our camping out pictures for President Monson’s devotional. It rained. We left. We didn’t sleep. But we did get some pictures for proof. Yes, we are tired, sleep-deprived college students.

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