thank you

I wanted to start off my writing today with a heart full of thanks.  After writing my last blog post I received countless texts, emails, and calls with words of empathy and encouragement. I must admit that publishing the post was a complete accident, as I had written it a month prior and had not realized that I had scheduled the post instead of saving the draft. It felt too vulnerable for me, but it was very real. While it was a hard thing for me to write, I am grateful that it was published because I felt lifted up by angels and kind words, so thank you.

I believe that humanity is good. That our intentions our good and that love is real and abounding. As we feel despair, there are angels all around us cheering us on. We must love one another and empathize. I know that God is very real and He is very aware of us. I know the future is bright with my Savior on my side. I have never been more excited to welcome in a new year. Thank you all for being in my life and being my angels.

Thank you to Bre’an for capturing this beautiful photo. (Go read her blog while you are at it because she is a beautiful writer and photographer.)

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