Don’t get me wrong, I love Arizona. But Arizona lacks something I’ve always wanted to truly experience: seasons.
Arizona = summer. From May till October, it is basically really, really hot. Then, it begins to cool off, slowly. And from November till April it’s “winter.” It’s perfect weather, really.
Of course, I would still wear sweatshirts and jackets and jeans, and some girls even wear fur boots (which I never quite understood, quite honestly.)
Arizona doesn’t have seasons, though.  There aren’t any changing leaves in the fall. I vaguely remember when I lived in Pennsylvania, going out into my front yard and jumping into huge piles of leaves.
I kind of want to relive that childhood memory, quite honestly.
And I can, in Utah.
The mountains are turning red and orange. It’s beautiful.  This morning I was cold. But then I decided it’s a perfect day outside. There’s a slight breeze in the air, it’s not too hot, and it’s not freezing.  My hair kind of blows in the breeze, and I can feel the cold air against my skin.
I am so excited that it’s fall.  It’s October, the season for pumpkins and bonfires and football and apple cider and warm baking and winter shopping and sweaters and colorful leaves and Halloween. In Phoenix it’s still quite hot outside.
I want it to stay like this throughout winter, because I don’t think I’m ready for the snow quite yet.

More pictures to come as the seasons continually change. Oh, and my new background is inspired by the new month of October 🙂

Sundance with Grammie 🙂










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