Every week I hesitate what to write.  I feel like I have to write something inspirational, creative, poetic, or extremely deep 🙂 We’ll go for a couple funny stories today 🙂 I love seeing the beauty in the every day moments of life, especially on the mission.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Last P-day, we went to go see a referral that the Burgers (from Verona) found for us.  They had met a man at a pizza place that was having a hard time since his dad had just died. We get there, eat some piadinas, and then we attempt to go and make an appointment with him.  He says to Sorella Ervin – “I’m in love already.”  Then, he turns to Sorella Burger and says, “Is she married? Can “they” get married?”  Anyways… men always fall in love with her.  It’s the curly hair, I tell ya.
The youth had an Italian style Halloween party.  Guess what I was? Sorella Ervin! (We switched nametags. It was a good test to see which members knew my names.)
Friday, I went with Sorella Gjika to an appointment with an old investigator anziani taught 5 years ago.  We had this address written down, we show up (Emilio is with us) and ring the citofono. A woman asks us who were are and we tell her the name we are looking for.  She says, “And he gave you this address? I guess you can come up.”  Turns out they are separated and he lives at a different address.  She tells us he can still meet us at her house, and then he comes we teach him and his ex-wife a lesson together.  It was pretty interesting, and a pretty spiritual experience too. He doesn’t want to meet with us again until he as read the entire Book of Mormon, so I hope he reads!
Yesterday, we had a conference in FLORENCE! I didn’t get to take any pictures or see any historic artwork or anything, but yes, I have been to Firenze and it is a beautiful city.  If you’re lucky I might send you a postcard 🙂  I also finally got mail and packages and it was wonderful!  Thank you friends and family.
At this conference, I learned so much.  President Dibb taught us 2 principles that I will never forget:
1) Pay a full-tithe.
2) Let’s be ambidexterous. (Not sure how to spell that word anymore.)
As we strive to not hold anything back on our missions, and always be working and remembering who we are, we have so much work to do. I only get one mission. I’ve gotta do it right! I have one year left (say what??) – I don’t want to have any regrets.
I have such deep love for my mission president, and I know that he is a man of God.
We are preparing Europe for many changes to be done to missionary work.  Missionary work is hard, but we do it!  There are many changes that Sorella Ervin and I will be incorporating into our work after this conference, and we are excited to see the effects of it!
I am learning to… just breathe.  There isn’t time to stress out about everything.  It just… sucks away my energy.  My stress is really just a manifestation about how much I care about people, but it’s not healthy.  I have agency, others have agency, there’s nothing I can do about if they don’t accept it. As long as I do the best for myself and for the Lord, I can be happy, and just breathe 🙂
Whenever life gets hard, or we feel like we can’t breathe, I remember the Savior. He truly has been there with us.  He truly has felt it all.  I know this, I can’t explain it.  I can’t ever put into words how much His love and sacrifice means to me.  That is why I’m here, in Italy, talking with everyone that I see.  People think we’re crazy, but we do it. Because we love them, and we love God.  And more than that, I want all of my brothers and sisters to feel the peace that the Atonement brings.  The atonement enables me to do all that is asked of me, so that others can accept the atonement and feel that peace, fee conscience, and empowerment.  It’s the center of our work, the center of our existence, our means to breathe. (Yeah, that was dramatic. but true.)
Vi voglio bene. Sono contenta, sto lavorando con tutto il mio cuore, e sono niente senza il mio Salvatore.
Grazie per tutto,
Sorella Strong.
p.s. you ask me what I want for Christmas? Just letters 🙂 Real, handwritten letters 🙂 Grazie.


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