packing lunches: an ode to Dallin

IMG_2916I have the sweetest husband in the world.  Since I’m working full time and in school full time, Dallin is constantly supporting me.  Yesterday morning, I woke up to this cute lunch that he prepared for me since I’d be on campus all day.  Strawberries and nutella?  That’s love right there.

It’s not like he packs my lunches every so often, it is literally every day.  When I come home after working and being in classes, I then have to start doing all of my homework and then making international calls for my job into the late hours of the night/early hours of the morning.  While I’m busy typing away or studying, he makes us dinner.  Every. single. night.  He even cleans it up too.  This morning I woke up to a smoothie for breakfast.

It’s the littlest things.  Every washed dish.  Spontaneous ice cream trips.  Dance parties. Pillow fights.  Sneaking up from behind me and kissing me on the cheek.  Knowing where I left my phone when I can’t find it.  Rolling over in bed and cuddling in the morning before the day starts.  Getting me a drink of water. Listening to my venting. Letting me kiss him whenever I want.


I truly appreciate all that he does. Sometimes I get worked up that I am not doing more to contribute.  I wish I could cook more for him and have dinner ready for him when he gets home from work . I know that time will come in the future because “for every thing there is a time and a season,” but right now we’re doing different things.  We tease Dallin about being the “housewife,” but that’s not what marriage is.  We each give where we can.  Right now Dallin is keeping me alive (literally) and serving me.  If we are both contributing all that we can and selflessly serving each other (it goes both ways), then we will be happy.  I am constantly working to be better, but I have never learned so much of love.

Dallin is a man who is constantly willing to serve others.  He serves me and loves me every day.  He goes above and beyond on all of his jobs at work.  He is always trying to volunteer at church and find ways to serve in the community.  He is a man of faith and a man of action.

I don’t know how I got so lucky.  I am so happy.   I love him with all of my heart and all that I am.





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