on-campus to off-camps shock

The New Heritage Halls were wonderful. (Click to see pictures of them). They were beautiful and I have nothing bad to say about them ever.  We were the first ones to live in them. They were spacious and clean and wonderful.  Never-been-slept-in beds, never-been-sat-on couches, never-been-flushed toilets, and never-been-used showers.

Then I look at my off-campus apartment for this year – much, much cheaper in rent – and we’re gettin that quality.  I have to say when we toured the apartment I did not think it was all that bad.  It looked pretty clean and livable.  Probably because we didn’t look in all the nooks and crannies.

I am scared to SHOWER in the bathrooms.  Seriously – how many people have showered in there?  How much hair has been lost by how many girls in those drains? I’m also taller than the shower so I have to bend my knees a whole lot 🙁  How would boys shower in those? (well, tall boys).
The carpets have apparently been cleaned but they don’t look like they’ve ever been replaced in the last twenty years.   There is this apparent odor throughout.  The air conditioning is slightly….NOT WORKING. Luckily this isn’t Arizona or I’d be out of there in a heartbeat. Even though it does feel like it’s 95 degrees in there.
There are areas of this apartment that don’t look like they’ve ever been dusted.  How did the previous people ever get away with cleaning checks?  The inside of the cupboards are all stained.

Last night I made a Target run (while getting lost multiple times along the way) to pick up some necessities for the apartment.  Like a fan, shelf-liner, air fresheners, and some basic cleaning supplies.  We bleached all the insides of the cupboards.  I don’t even want to touch the showers.  Guess I’m going to break out those early morning custodial skills once again!

Now onto the good part.
This apartment is very close to campus so  I can walk no problemo.   Everyone that we’ve talked to says the ward is very social and fun.  I get to live with all of my same roommates from last year.  Once we turn this apartment into a home we’ll be all set.  We can make this apartment wonderful and make our experience fun because WE are wonderful and fun.  There is an upstairs where all the bedrooms are so if I want to go to bed earlier there will be less noise.  And, there are much worse apartments out there.  For the price we’re paying, we really can’t complain.

Pictures to come soon…

Have you ever lived in an apartment that wasn’t very livable?  How’d you make it your home? Stories and suggestions please 🙂

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