my diet starts on Monday

This semester I’ve been learning all about food, nutrition, and its effects on the environment.  I’ll admit, I have gone through a few kicks: juice-cleansing, clean-eating, paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free all within the last few months.   {Mostly because I haven’t been feeling well and have been suffering of digestive discomfort. I finally went to the doctor and all she recommended were taking a few vitamins and natural supplements, and let me tell you – I have never felt better.  I’ve been eating dairy and gluten and I’m perfectly fine! }

clean eating

After reading (or listening to) an entire book and taking 2 classes about the effects of agriculture on our society, the evils of processed foods, and the mistreatment of animals, as terrible as it is… I WAS JUST CRAVING A BURGER THE ENTIRE TIME.  I guess just hearing all about how much work it actually takes to make a burger for an entire book just really got to me.


And let me tell you, after all of the paleo and gluten free kicks I was on for a few months… that burger never tasted so good. Also, I feel like the above picture just perfectly shows Dallin and I’s feelings about food.


There were a few things I learned from my classes:

  • Processed food is bad for you.
  • The Paleo diet is not really a caveman diet. (Cavemen couldn’t have actually eaten that way…And our bodies have evolved to digest foods. We aren’t hunters and gatherers any more guys.  No need to live like one.)
  • Processing meat does more to harm the environment than pretty much everything.
  • Extreme diets may work for a little bit of time, but a well-balanced diet and constant exercise is the only thing that will actually be effective.


  • GMO’s probably don’t actually affect our health as much as we might think, but they are affecting biodiversity on the planet.

After all of these things, I’ve opened up my mind to care a lot more about the environment now, but I also understand how much actually is behind what I am eating.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to listen to my body more.  I am a lot more motivated to be healthy because it makes me feel so much better.  I sleep better, my tummy doesn’t hurt as much, and I am so much happier.  If I stay more focused on keeping my body healthy and less on body image, I will have a much happier life in the long run. I have a LONG WAY TO GO ON THIS.


OK LET’S BE HONEST. I’m going to eat the burger if I want to because that brings me a lot of joy too. Like, food makes me so happy.

healthy frosting

Luckily, Dallin keeps me grounded since I have constant sugar cravings every other hour, and on the other hours I’m having salt cravings….


But come on, give me some credit, I at least have good intentions.  I mean.. come on, I’ll start my diet on Monday 🙂

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