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Today (or yesterday’s) prompt is about all of the things that I am currently up to. I think the biggest news that our little family is currently up to is actually all on my husband’s blog, so go check it out! (He’s a much better writer and absolutely hilarious.  His writing is addicting and I love him.)

st george golfing

Today’s prompt is supposed to be about my favorite birthday, but I’m skipping that one because I only have so much time. A responsible person would have planned out all of her blogposts, but I’m a procrastinator at heart so, here I am.

I am currently…

Reading… What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Playing… Pokemon Go and Two Dots in my phone (so addictive, I’m sorry for introducing it to you…)

Watching… Gilmore Girls before the new episodes come out in September. I wish Luke’s burgers existed in real life because every time I watch it that’s what I want.

Trying… to live in the moment and just enjoy each one as it comes without yearning for yesterdays or tomorrows.

Cooking… Ummm, do chips and salsa count?

Eating… Gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free. Surprisingly not as difficult as I thought it would be and I’ve never felt better.

Drinking… Lots of water and trying fruit infused waters too. Mixed feelings. I miss Diet Coke.

Calling… My mom. Because I always call my mom.

Texting… international students about admissions interviews.

Pinning… Furniture layouts and apartment decoration inspiration for our new apartment.

Tweeting… about the Blogtember challenge and the BYU vs Arizona game. Find me on twitter here.

Going… To Provo, St. George, Disneyland, and India all in one month!

Loving… these delicious tacos that my sister made last night.  That girl is talented. Give me all the cilantro.


Hating… This presidential election.

Discovering… new bloggers to follow thanks to the Blogtember challenge!

Thinking… that hormones are real and can make my moods change really fast.

Feeling… happy and excited to move and start a new routine in a new place.

Hoping (for)…all of the transitions at work to go smoothly and for things to start improving.

Listening (to)… the podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text and the audiobook And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

Celebrating… Labor day weekend and BYU’s win over Arizona on Saturday.

football game

Smelling… air popped popcorn that I munch on to keep my fingers and mouth busy without eating all of the food in the house.

Thanking… Dallin for always cooking me delicious food and keeping me grounded.

Considering…joining a gym. Should I really pay for that? Thoughts?

Starting… the book Faithful Place by Tana French on audiobook for my runs.  Mixed feelings so far.

Finishing… this blog post a day later than I was supposed to finish it.  But I’m doing it so that’s better than nothing!

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